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05 Feb 2013
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.25 No.79
SAFE strategy
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30 Nov 2012
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A manual to provide standardized training for staff to complete baseline mapping of trachoma. Please note: this resource is now out of date. Please visit the Tropical Data website for the most up to date version
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
09 Oct 2012
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.25 No.78
Elimination, Trichiasis
09 Jul 2012
In a letter to editors of The Lancet, a group of NGO leaders from the trachoma community expressed their concern that approaches to tackling NTDs overly focus on drug distribution rather than delivering a comprehensive control package that treats these diseases as public health problems. 
SAFE strategy
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25 Jun 2012
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Amy Yee reports in The Lancet on progress to eliminate trachoma Nepal, which is on track to be achieved by 2014. 
08 Jun 2012
Community Eye Health Journal Vol.25 No.77
Elimination, SAFE strategy
15 May 2012
A video created to raise awareness of trachoma and support its prevention in Northern Territory communities of Australia.
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19 Apr 2012
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This report is a summary of the available evidence and opinion of the expert group from the Global Scientific Meeting on Trachomatous Trichiasis that took place over 30 January - 1 February 2012. It is structured into three sections: (1) a summary of the discussion, conclusions, suggested research and needed tools (“Tool Box”), broken down into the three themes; (2) a compilation of speaker notes...
24 Feb 2012
A presentation by Matthew Burton of the International Centre for Eye Health, LSHTM, on trachomatous scarring during the World Ophthalmology Congress in Abu Dhabi in February 2012. 
Grading, Trichiasis
24 Feb 2012
The WHO Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma by the year 2020 progress report on elimination in 2012.
Elimination, SAFE strategy