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25 May 2023
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Comm Eye Health Vol. 36 No. 118 2023 pp 24-25. Published online 22 May 2023.
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09 May 2023
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This manual is a facilitator’s guide to conduct a workshop to train both group and team leaders in the requisite knowledge and skills to be an effective team leader to support Zithromax® Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and to meet the objectives and goals of a national trachoma or NTD plan. It could also be used to train distributors by simply omitting those sessions that are only relevant to...
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22 Apr 2023
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21 Mar 2023
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Le présent plan stratégique est l’aboutissement des travaux dirigés et décidés par des membres et des observateurs de la Coalition internationale pour la lutte contre le trachome (ICTC) entre 2020 et 2022, au travers d’une série de consultations et d’ateliers.
28 Feb 2023
Comm Eye Health J. 03 February 2023 Epub ahead of print. Comm Eye Health Vol. 35 No. 117 2022 pp 19-20. Published online 03 February 2023.
Elimination, Integration
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27 Feb 2023
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Task Force for Global Health, Decatur, United States of America 7–9 December 2021
31 Jan 2023
Community Eye Health Journal Volume 35, Number 116
Elimination, Hard to reach populations