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23 Jun 2015
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Le but de cette pratique privilégiée est de proposer des lignes directrices pour effectuer un programme de chirurgie mobile du trichiasis effectif et efficace. Il contient tous les aspects de la mise en place de la chirurgie mobile, allant de la mobilisation des patients à la planification et l’organisation de la chirurgie mobile, le soutien psychologique chirurgical, les soins postopératoires...
08 Jun 2015
Community Eye Health Journal Vol.28 No.89
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
12 May 2015
Ce manuel du PAT a pour objectif de proposer un guide pour mener un PAT efficace et efficient.
Elimination, SAFE strategy
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05 May 2015
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This preferred practice provides a framework for how to conduct an effective and efficient trichiasis surgical outreach program. It addresses all aspects of conducting an outreach, from mobilizing patients to planning and organizing the outreach, surgical counseling, post-operative care, and recording and reporting program outputs.
01 Apr 2015
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.27 No.88
28 Feb 2015
An overview of the development of an innovative NTD mapping tool,, developed by a consortium of research and program partners for use by program implementers. 
25 Feb 2015
This report, produced for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases, highlights the progress that has been achieved combating NTDs in 2014-15.
20 Feb 2015
WHO's third report on neglected tropical diseases, 'Investing to overcome the global impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases', presents an investment strategy for NTDs and analyses the specific investment case for prevention, control, elimination and eradication of 12 of the 17 NTDs. This follows two previous reports – Working to overcome the global impact of NTS (2010) and Sustaining the drive to...
20 Feb 2015
Inception meeting report from the Network of WHO collaborating centers for trachoma
Elimination, GET2020, SAFE strategy
10 Dec 2014
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.27 No.87