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15 Apr 2016
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.28 No.92
05 Apr 2016
The document outlines steps needed to conduct an analysis of the F&E situation within the context of the national trachoma prevention SAFE strategy. It is meant to be a first step to developing a programme approach to address F&E. It will need to be followed by district focused analyses to understand the partners, resources, and existing WASH, trachoma and F...
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Water, sanitation and hygiene
02 Apr 2016
The third progress report on the London Declaration by Uniting to Combat NTDs demonstrates that we are in a strong position to reach the global goals and thus achieve a better quality of life for the people at risk and affected by 10 NTDs.
01 Mar 2016
Updated GET2020 trachoma data as at 1 March 2016.
26 Feb 2016
Elimination, SAFE strategy
26 Feb 2016
Elimination, SAFE strategy
26 Feb 2016
Elimination, SAFE strategy
19 Jan 2016
Richard Allan, Founder and Director at the Mentor Initiative, blogs on the importance of targeting regions with the greatest burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the path to their elimination.
18 Jan 2016
An analysis of the Neglected Tropical Disease Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC NTD Initiative), which aimed to control or eliminate these diseases through integrated NTD programs that address multiple diseases by combining interventions from health, water and sanitation, education, and other sectors in a unified, coordinated way.
Integration, Water, sanitation and hygiene