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16 Dec 2019
This coverage survey was aimed to assess trachoma post-mass drug administration (MDA) coverage among six selected districts of East Wollega, Horo Guduru Wollega, and West Shewa zones in2017.
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
12 Dec 2019
This study, part of broader implementation research in Ethiopia, applied a gender lens to health seeking for five NTDs: lymphatic filariasis, podoconiosis, schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminth infection and trachoma.
Elimination, Gender
06 Dec 2019
Surgery to correct trichiasis is a key component of the World Health Organisation trachoma elimination strategy, however unfavourable outcomes such as eyelid contour abnormalities (ECA) following surgery are relatively common. This study aimed to understand the transcriptional changes associated with the early development of ECA and the impact of doxycycline, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-...
04 Dec 2019
This protocol presents the methods of two randomized controlled trials designed to evaluate mass and targeted azithromycin distribution for the prevention of child mortality in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
Antibiotics, Children
01 Dec 2019
This study aims to identify and prioritize municipalities in 22 countries of Latin America for trachoma surveillance activities, to measure the absence or prevalence of trachoma, and to support validation and trachoma elimination efforts in the Region of the Americas.
Elimination, Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
12 Nov 2019
This study compares intracellular replication and inclusion development of representative C.trachomatis serovars in immortalized human conjunctival epithelial, urogenital epithelial, PMA stimulated THP-1 (macrophages), and HeLa cells. 
04 Nov 2019
This study addressed whether the regional differences in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) variables were associated with the spatial distribution of trachomatous inflammation-follicular (TF) among children aged 1 to 9 years in the Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia.
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Water, sanitation and hygiene
03 Nov 2019
The objective of this study was to estimate the potential for fingers that have come in contact with Chlamydia trachomatis-positive urine to detectably contaminate C. trachomatis-negative urine.
03 Nov 2019
This study examined the participants of a clinical trial four years after enrolment to identify which of the two most commonly used eyelid surgery procedures to treat trachomatous trichiasis, the posterior Lamellar Tarsal Rotation (PLTR) and Billamelar Tarsal Rotation (BLTR), gives better results in the long-term.