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16 Feb 2018

This coverage survey was conducted as part of an ongoing monitoring strategy within the Amhara Trachoma Control Program. The Carter Center provided the Amhara Regional Health Bureau with support to implement MDA, and separately, also funded, designed and executed this survey in collaboration with the Regional Health Bureau.

MDA, Prevalence, Surveillance
15 Feb 2018

The objective of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of trachoma in the Marajó Archipelago in 2008 and 2016 and the impact of the introduction of educational and preventive measures on the disease during an eight-year interval.

Mapping, Prevalence
07 Feb 2018

This article was originally published in the Community Eye Health Journal Vol. 30 No. 100

Elimination, SAFE strategy
25 Jan 2018

This article reviews grey literature relating to interventions to maximize facial cleanliness and achieve environmental improvement for trachoma elimination

Elimination, Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement
22 Jan 2018

This study characterizes associations between active trachoma, access to improved sanitation facilities, and access to improved water sources for the purpose of face washing, with the aim of estimating community-level or herd protection thresholds.

Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement
20 Dec 2017
Elimination, SAFE strategy
18 Dec 2017

This article assesses whether an enhanced coverage target of at least 90% of children is superior to the World Health Organization recommendation of at least 80%.

14 Dec 2017

This case study was originally published by Uniting to Combat NTDs 

Elimination, SAFE strategy