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08 Jan 2016
Community Eye Health Journal Vol.28 No. 91
02 Jan 2016
ICTC's 2015-2020 strategy spans the critical period running up to 2020, the year by which we are striving to see the elimination of trachoma. 
Elimination, SAFE strategy
17 Nov 2015
Reports from Australia's National Trachoma Surveillance and Reporting Unit (NTSRU) on the screening and management of data.
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
16 Nov 2015
Report from the meeting on post-endemic surveillance for blinding trachoma, which took place in Geneva in 2008.
16 Nov 2015
Meeting report from a consultation in September 2014 that aimed to revise, where indicated, the WHO guidance on the nature and frequency of surveillance data that programs should collect and compile in order to successfully declare elimination of blinding trachoma as a public health problem.
09 Nov 2015
All you need for F&E - a toolkit for planning and partnering aims to strengthen critical coordination and maximize impacts in the field by supporting program managers working on tackling trachoma to engage water, hygiene and sanitation partners.
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Sustainability, Water, sanitation and hygiene
30 Sep 2015
This consultation aims to define how the trachoma community could unite to ensure that data are collected and appropriately processed and presented in ways that safeguard the respective interests of patients, surgeons, programs, partners, funders and the Alliance for Global Elimination of Trachoma by 2020.
18 Sep 2015
Originally posted in Community Eye Health Journal Vol.28 No.90
01 Sep 2015
This plan spans the critical period running up to 2020, the year by which we are striving to see the elimination of trachoma as a public health problem.
Elimination, SAFE strategy
28 Aug 2015
This WHO strategy aims to mobilise WASH and NTD actors to work together towards the roadmap targets. It calls on WASH funders and implementers to target NTD endemic areas and deliver programmes that maximise the effectiveness of WASH interventions for NTD control and elimination.
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, Water, sanitation and hygiene