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01 Jul 2017

The report introduces the indicators of safely managed drinking water and sanitation services, which go beyond the use of improved facilities, to include consideration of the quality of services provided. For the first time, hygiene estimates are reported for 70 countries.

Water, sanitation and hygiene
30 Jun 2017

The WHO Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma by the year 2020 progress report on elimination in 2016.

Elimination, SAFE strategy
29 Jun 2017

This trial was designed to determine if a surveillance program that targeted newcomers and travellers would result in more communities achieving levels of infection of ≤1%.

MDA, Surveillance
14 Jun 2017

In South Sudan, five counties in Eastern Equatoria state were surveyed to monitor the progress of programmatic interventions and determine if additional rounds of Mass Drug Administration with azithromycin were needed to reduce trachoma.

MDA, Surveillance
12 Jun 2017

This technical brief analyzes a health systems approach to NTD programming and assesses the ENVISION project's contributions to each of the WHO HSS building blocks.

Cross-cutting technical resource, Integration
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05 Jun 2017
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This case study highlights key processes and results from Ethiopia's I-WASHNTDs project 

NTDs, Water, sanitation and hygiene
05 Jun 2017

Contributions to this special issue underscore the impression that the Alliance for the Global Elimination of Trachoma by 2020 is on track for success as well as highlighting a few areas where further focused, thoughtful research is required.

Cross-cutting technical resource, Elimination, SAFE strategy
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02 Jun 2017
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Many WASH and NTD actors have started to work together on the planning and implementation of their projects and have documented their experiences and lessons learnt. This paper compiles examples from eighteen countries to summarize emerging successes and challenges.

NTDs, Water, sanitation and hygiene
01 Jun 2017

This briefing was originally found in Eliminating Trachoma: Accelerating Towards 2020.

Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, SAFE strategy, Sustainability, Water, sanitation and hygiene
01 Jun 2017

This journal article evaluates a new trachoma scarring ranking system with potential use in clinical research.

Cross-cutting technical resource, Trichiasis