Vision and mission

Our vision: the global elimination of trachoma as a public health problem by 2020. 

Our mission: to act as a catalyst for the comprehensive implementation of the SAFE strategy at scale in support of trachoma elimination programs in endemic countries. 

Our principles:
ICTC members seek to pursue the following principles in their strategic operations and program planning:

  • Implementation of the WHO SAFE strategy: playing to their strengths, stakeholders partner to comprehensively support SAFE implementation.
  • Country ownership of national programs: support sustainable SAFE strategy implementation in accordance with national NTD and trachoma action plans.
  • Partnership and participation: engage stakeholders from the outset in goal setting and implementation.
  • Equity, inclusion and non-discrimination: build equity, inclusion and non-discrimination into programs to ensure that programs are better targeted towards those most in need. 
  • Integration: aim to undertake joint planning and implementation of services where relevant and possible, to build on other programs that can have an impact on trachoma.
  • Use of evidence: underpin advocacy and programming for the full SAFE strategy with the best available evidence.
  • Joint advocacy: reinforce the importance of SAFE at local, regional, national and international levels.