2015-2020 strategic plan

The International Coalition for Trachoma Control's strategic plan spans the critical period running up to 2020, the year by which we are striving to achieve the elimination of trachoma as a public health problem.

At the core of this strategy lie our 2015-2020 strategic objectives, through which we aim to:

1. Increase political will for, and commitment to, trachoma elimination among donors and decision makers.

2. Increase investment, as required, in trachoma elimination programs and SAFE interventions.

3. Strengthen capacity and human resources needed to achieve trachoma elimination by 2020.

4. Coordinate the provision of technical assistance and the sharing of knowledge to support high quality outcomes in trachoma elimination programs.

5. Ensure an effective coalition model and way of working that responds appropriately to changing contexts.

Read the strategic plan here.