2022-2030 Strategic Plan

ICTC’s strategic plan spans the period 2022-2030, the year by which we are striving to achieve the elimination of trachoma as a public health problem. 

ICTC’s strategic plan is underpinned by four strategic objectives: 

  1. Mobilize advocacy efforts: ICTC members will come together to increase political will and commitment to trachoma elimination among implementers, donors and decision makers.

  2. Increase investment: ICTC will assist the GET2020 Alliance to attract new funding to address known gaps in trachoma elimination efforts and support the full implementation of the WHO endorsed SAFE strategy at scale.

  1. Coordinate the provision of technical assistance: Through the sharing of expertise and experience, ICTC members will strengthen the knowledge base and build capacity around trachoma elimination and the SAFE strategy in the work of its members. It will work to develop evidence-based tools such as ICTC’s preferred practices, data messaging and strategic communications products to support ICTC activities towards our shared vision and coordinate technical assistance among its members. 

  1. Ensure an effective coalition model: ICTC is committed to maintaining a transparent and proactive partnership model that adapts and responds appropriately to changing contexts. Members work to forge new linkages, freely share information, and work in close collaboration, rather than competition.

Read the strategic plan here.