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21 Sep 2020
This case series showed that upper eyelid levator weakening combined with tarsotomy and an anterior lamella recession procedure is a safe and effective treatment for severe trachoma-induced UCE in Chinese patients.
Elimination, Trichiasis
08 Sep 2020
This study conducted an analysis of the cost of 8 rounds of TIS/TSS executed in Amhara, Ethiopia, 2012–2016, comprising 232,357 people examined over 1,828 clusters in 187 districts.
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
01 Sep 2020
This study surveys trachoma experts to assess beliefs related to trachoma eradication and determine perceived obstacles to achieving it.
01 Sep 2020
Comm Eye Health Vol. 33 No. 109 2020 pp 46. Published online 01 September 2020.
27 Aug 2020
This guideline provides evidence-informed recommendations on whether mass drug administration of azithromycin, as a public health intervention for the reduction of under-five mortality, should (a) be rolled out universally in low-and middle-income countries, (b) be applied only in some situational contexts in low- and middle-income countries or (c) not be used at all.
Antibiotics, Children
11 Aug 2020
This study assesses national approaches to trichiasis surgical follow-up, outcome assessment and audit, and identify national targets for good surgical outcome (defined as the percentage of patients undergoing surgery for trichiasis remaining free of post-operative trichiasis for a defined interval after surgery).
28 Jul 2020
Weekly Epidemiological Record, 24 July 2020, vol 95 (‎30)‎: 349 - 360