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26 Sep 2019
This study assess the evidence supporting the antibiotic arm of the SAFE strategy by assessing the effects of antibiotics on both active trachoma (primary objective), Chlamydia trachomatis infection of the conjunctiva, antibiotic resistance, and adverse effects (secondary objectives).
23 Sep 2019
This article presents these aggregate TIS results, providing regional-, zonal-, and district-level summaries of progress toward trachoma elimination targets.
Elimination, Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
11 Sep 2019
This study uses a parametric bootstrap model to estimate the ocular clinical sign trachomatous inflammation-follicular (TF) in 1-9-year-olds, within population-based trachoma prevalence surveys, presenting the results of a meta-regression analysis of data from 261 such surveys completed using standardised methodologies in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Nigeria from 2012-2016.
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence
10 Sep 2019
Community Eye Health Journal Vol. 32 No. 106 2019
Antibiotics, Elimination
09 Sep 2019
Contrast sensitivity (CS) testing is an important measure of visual function reflecting variations in everyday visual experience in different conditions and helps to identify more subtle vision loss. However, it is only infrequently used. To make this more accessible, this study developed and validated a smartphone-based CS test.
06 Sep 2019
This study assessed the incremental financial cost to the national program of TIS, TSS, and TT-only surveys, which are standardized cluster-sampled prevalence surveys.
Mapping, surveillance and prevalence, Trichiasis
02 Sep 2019
This graph shows the total doses on Zithromax shipped and projected for trachoma elimination programs for 1999-2020.
Antibiotics, GET2020
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02 Sep 2019
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Key messages for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region from the GET2020 database as at 11 March 2019.
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02 Sep 2019
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Key messages from the GET2020 database as at 11 March 2019.