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20 Jul 2020
This study shows that existing tools can be reliably used and combined to assess equity of access to health services for vulnerable groups of the population.
09 Jul 2020
Professor David Mabey's address to the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
19 Jun 2020
This study suggests that sex- and gender-related issues require different solutions, but policy makers lack straightforward heuristic strategies to identify gender-related health inequities
09 Jun 2020
This study provids evidence for the emergence of novel azithromycin resistance mechanisms, arguing that the appealing positive effects of mass drug administration might diminish with increasing azithromycin resistance.
08 Jun 2020
This study utilises residual material from Abbott m2000 Ct diagnostic tests to sequence 99 ocular Ct samples from Amhara and investigated the role of Ct genomic variation in the continued transmission of Ct following 5 years of SAFE
SAFE strategy
05 Jun 2020
In this study, latrines in rural Ethiopia were randomized to the addition of cooking ash, the addition of boiling water or neither. 
Water, sanitation and hygiene
02 Jun 2020
Recent evidence suggests that eye-seeking flies are important trachoma vectors. This study investigates which species of synanthropic flies are potential vector(s) for trachoma in The Gambia. 
Facial cleanliness & environmental improvement, SAFE strategy