On World Sight Day, let's recommit to ending trachoma

13 Oct 2016 
by Emily Toubali
| Director of the MMDP Project
Emily Toubali

 "There is no specific time it occurs. It's when the sun rises and the wind blows," says Namalgbsom, describing her lifetime of pain from trachoma. She is one of three individuals who recently received sight-preserving trichiasis surgery in Burkina Faso, and is featured in a blog, written by Emily Toubali, to celebrate World Sight Day.

Toubali, Director of the MMDP Project which helps countries provide high-quality treatment and care for people suffering from the debilitating effects of trachoma and lymphatic filariasis, says there's good reason to celebrate achievements so far. "Let's also make it an occasion to recommit for those who still need our support."

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