Huffington Post blog on location with Sightsavers - Trachoma In Tanzania

05 Aug 2016

“Everything I saw: the dedication of the local doctors and nurses, the Sightsavers team and their partner Helen Keller International, the patients who have often lived with trachoma for years, and the families who have to make enormous sacrifices to support their blind relatives showed me the difference that access to basic eye care makes.” Huffington Post blogger, Nick Schonfeld.

Tanzania, surgery patient washing her face

200 million people across the world are still living in at risk areas of trachoma, a massively painful yet easily preventable and treatable blinding disease. 12.4 million children have active trachoma, 1.9 million people are blind or visually impaired, and 3.2 million people need surgery to avoid blindness.

Schonfeld writes about his recent trip to Tanzania where he documented the ongoing fight against avoidable blindness. Read more here.