DFID announces £39 million investment to help support the elimination of trachoma

24 Jun 2014
13-year-old Neema washes her face to protect against the blinding disease trachoma

The UK's Minister for International Development Lynne Featherstone has announced a £39 million program to help protect the sight of millions of people in Africa at risk of developing blindness caused by trachoma, which will be implemented by ICTC members.

The Department for International Development is investing £39 million to help support the elimination of trachoma in countries like Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania where the disease is highly endemic. The funding will support the implementation of the Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial Cleanliness and Environmental Improvements (SAFE) strategy which has proven successful in eliminating the disease.

The grant will be managed by ICTC member Sightsavers. The new program forms part of DFID’s increased focus on disability and will help thousands of people receive surgery to prevent blindness; see millions of doses of antibiotics distributed and improve cleanliness to stop the spread of the disease, including eliminating the conditions which promote disease carrying flies.