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ICTC meeting, Dakar, October 2017Membership and observer status is open to implementing organizations, donors, academic institutions, and other organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the GET2020 Alliance, the WHO-endorsed SAFE strategy and have a track record in implementation or operational research.

The process for applying for ICTC membership is:

  • Representatives from at least two standing ICTC member organizations provide written support for applicants.
  • Once the Executive Group has reviewed the application, the applying organization will be asked to present its expertise in trachoma elimination at a formal ICTC meeting (in April or September). Following the presentation, ICTC members vote in a closed-door session. Membership is determined by a simple majority vote of member organizations (1 vote per organization, present or by proxy).
  • An organization is deemed inactive after absence from two regular ICTC meetings or lack of active participation in ICTC activities over a 12-month period. In that case, the ICTC Executive Group will contact the organizational representative to determine ongoing membership.
  • An organization meeting the membership requirements may opt to be an observer.

Please contact us to express interest in becoming an ICTC member or observer.