Biannual Treatment of Preschool Children with Single Dose Azithromycin to Reduce Mortality: Impact on Azithromycin Resistance in the MORDOR Trial in Tanzania

This study suggests biannual administration of single-dose azithromycin to children does not result in excess azithromycin resistance in S. pneumoniae and E. coli isolates over 24 months of follow-up.

Child handwashing in an internally displaced persons camp in Northern Iraq: A qualitative multi-method exploration of motivational drivers and other handwashing determinants

This study aims to understand the determinants of child handwashing and the key motivational drivers of children’s behaviour within Internally Displaced Persons camps

The immuno-pathogenesis of progressive scarring trachoma: results of a four-year longitudinal study in Tanzanian children

This study highlights the importance of innate pro-inflammatory signals from the epithelium and implicate IL -23A -responsive cells in driving trachomatous scarring, with potential key mechanistic roles for PDGFB, MMP12 and SPARCL1 in orchestrating fibrosis. 

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