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The path to elimination

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In 2011, the International Coalition for Trachoma Control produced a strategic plan that laid out the actions that needed to be  taken and the milestones that needed to be met in order to achieve the global elimination of blinding trachoma by the year 2020.

ICTC member International Trachoma Initiative (ITI) coordinated the development of the strategy, which was produced with input from a diverse set of stakeholders. McKinsey & Company, the independent management consulting firm, conducted in-depth interviews with representatives of national governments, international partners and funders and provided comprehensive analysis to shape this global strategic plan. 

Download 2020 INSight: PDF 7.1Mb [Low res PDF 1.7 Mb].

Download 2020 INSight in French: Low res PDF 1.7 Mb

Funding was provided by Pfizer Inc., which has, since 1998, donated more than 225 million doses of the antibiotic Zithromax® to treat and prevent blinding trachoma. ITI manages distribution of the medicine.